Anxiety Freedom 101

Learn how to regulate your nervous system, tackle the stressors that are leaving you anxious, and find freedom from anxiety for GOOD!

Has anxiety hijacked your life? 

Trust me. I get it! I used to live with crippling anxiety, and I was borderline dependent on Xanax. What changed? Everything I'm teaching you inside Anxiety Freedom 101. 

I gained awareness into what anxiety was (and wasn't) and what was actually happening inside my body when I felt anxious. I learned how to help my amygdala feel safe, so it no longer felt the need to shift my nervous system into a sympathetic state every time it sensed a threat.

I also learned how to ground in my body, how to reduce the mental stressors igniting my anxiety, and how I could use food and movement as medicine, and now I want to teach YOU too!  


The truth?

Anxiety doesn't have to keep your world small. You don't have to navigate life fearful that something terrible will happen. Anxiety doesn't have to rob you of joy, peace, and calm. You can 100% take back control of your life and find freedom from the physical sensations that are making life far from enjoyable (and the best part... you can do this without meds). 

And I want to help... 

I want to be your anxiety coach! I want to help you gain insight and awareness into why you feel anxious while also delivering all the tips and tricks you'll need to help reshape your nervous system back to a state of calm and connection. 


Okay, I'm interested... what's included? 

I've taken everything I've learned as a therapist and as someone who used to live with crippling anxiety, and put it into a go at your own pace digital course that's focused on helping you find freedom from your anxiety once and for all. 


Inside Anxiety freedom 101, you'll find... 

5 modules

21 video lessons

85+ pages of support pdfs full of tips, tricks, and journal prompts

Audio files for each lesson so you can listen on the go


We'll cover topics like... 

What anxiety is, what ignites anxiety, and how you can find freedom from your anxiety. 


You'll learn alllllll about... 

The role your nervous system plays in anxiety

How stress and trauma without recovery lead to nervous system dysregulation 

The role childhood experiences play in your anxiety

How triggers in your environment leave you anxious (and what you can do about it)

How thoughts and images in your mind scare your amygdala into igniting a stress response

The role diet and lifestyle play in your anxiety 

How internal stressors like hormones, gut health, thyroid, and poor sleep leave you anxious


We don't stop there though...

We also dive deep into how you can use grounding, sleep, movement, diet, connection, exposure, rest, breathwork, and more to shift your nervous system out of a sympathetic state of anxiety and back into a ventral state of calm (a state where anxiety doesn't live). 

This course is for you if... 

You're tired of feeling anxious but have no clue where to begin or what tools to use.

You've tried everything and nothing has helped improve your anxiety. 

You're tired of missing out on life because anxiety keeps you stuck. 

You're ready to do the work, take action, and stop making excuses. 


A one-time payment of...